Our Products


A revolutionary Trendelenburg patient positioning system designed to maximize patient comfort and safety.


A 5mm disposable,
semi-rigid disposable
aspiration needle

SurgyCut Scissor

Fully disposable and reposable laparoscopic scissors available in 35cm and 45cm. 

SurgyCut Electrodes

Disposable electrosurgical instruments for laparoscopic procedures. 

Neomedic International

Neomedic International provides solutions for male and female urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

DASH Tissue Retractor

The Dash tissue retractor is a
hands-free, disposable, 3-dimensional, malleable, absorbent surgical retractor. 


The Laprosponge is a new multipurpose sponge for
laparoscopic surgery.

Miromatrix Medical

Miromatrix Medical offers solutions including Miroderm Biologic Wound Matrix and Miromesh Biologic Matrix.